Over the past few years we have completed many internal plastering projects, big and small across the north wales area. 

We cover all aspects of internal plastering such as - 

- Skimming.

This can be done over new plasterboard or old walls where the surface has deteriorated and is in need of re plastering before decoration.

- Over skimming of old walls, ceilings and Artext.

Over Skimming is a great way to achieve a flat finish on your old walls and ceilings weather it be covering up over Artex, patterned plaster or just re plastering your old walls where they have deteriorated over time.

The old surface is primed with PVA or Thistle primer to prepare the surface before the application of finishing plaster. 

It is also important to note that if you are planning to scrape a textured Artex ceiling or wall that you should first have it tested for Aspestos as this was sometimes used in old Artex.

This can be carried out by an approved company who will come and take a sample for testing.

- Dry Lining

Dry Lining also known as "dot and dab" can be done over new block work, brick work as well as old walls and substrate as long as long as the background is solid and sound.

This is done by fixing the board with dabs of dry wall adhesive to the background. It can also be done by fixing batons to the substrate or erecting stud work to fix the plaster board to.

- Plaster boarding and over boarding

Over boarding can be done over old stud walls or old lath and plaster walls and ceilings where the plaster has deteriorated too much to just re plaster them.

This is done by locating the old joists in the walls or ceiling and fixing the plasterboard with longer screws into the old joists.

This also eradicates the need to remove the old material, thus saving a lot of mess and disruption.

- Internal Wall Insulation

There are many different sizes of insulated plasterboard available from 22mm through to 70mm. Its good to bare in mind though that these sizes also include the attached plasterboard that is normally 12.5mm. These can be cut to size and mechanically fixed to the walls, dry lined or fixed to batons.

Insulated plasterboard can also be fixed to ceilings or used to overboard an old ceiling. 

- Micro Cement, Micro Toppings 

Micro Cement is the ideal material for kitchens and bathrooms giving the finish of polished concrete or marble and being completely water proof and seamless. Please visit our Micro Cement page for more information.

- Venetian Polished Plasters

Giving a finished result similar to marble in a colour of your choice. Ideal for feature walls.

- Floor Screeding and self levelling

Floor screeding is carried out with a semi dry sand and cement mix laid to desired specification using aluminium or wooden batons level'd up on the floor and used to run a straight edge over to gain a flat surface. this is then rubbed up using a plastic float.

​Self leveling is a great way to eradicate irregularities in a floor. this is mixed and trowel'd on by hand.

- Coving and decorative plaster work

Coving can be Brought in many different shapes and sizes. we are also able to replicate damaged coving and mouldings by taking a profile copy and making it on the bench or replacing in situ. 

All works are carried out by fully qualified and time served tradesmen to the highest standards.

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